Learn Effective Job Searching Techniques

Learn Effective Job Searching Techniques

Whether you are looking for your first job or it’s time for a career change, finding work is oftentimes a challenge.

Today, there are countless resources for finding jobs online, which makes it crucial that you have the skills necessary for wading through endless search results.

Because there are so many places to look for jobs online, the task can oftentimes feel overwhelming.

However, there are many ways that you can leverage job search engines and other tools to work in your advantage and simplify the process of looking for work while on unemployment. 

Because it’s so easy to apply for just about any job online, the task of making your resume stand out has also become more difficult than ever.

For that reason, it’s crucial that you find effective methods for highlighting your skills while also streamlining your search to help land your dream job. 

Use All the Tools Available to You 

Many people have found past success searching on their favorite job site and prefer to stick to it each time they want to change jobs.

While there are plenty of great websites that provide numerous job postings to browse through, you can oftentimes find different opportunities by using a wider range of search engines. 

Furthermore, you may find that some job search engines allow you to upload your resume to a profile, which allows employers to find you rather than the other way around.

By using this technique, you may learn about new opportunities that you would not have considered before.

When an employer contacts you based on your resume, there is also less reason to worry about whether you have the required skills due to the fact that an employer is unlikely to contact someone unqualified. 

Another great way to leverage search engines is to create a job alert so that you don’t need to spend all your free time monitoring job boards.

By creating a job alert, you can let a job search engine do some of the work for you notifying you each time a new job matching your criteria is posted 

Tailor Your Resume for the Job 

Many people have a cookie cutter resume that they submit to every job posting that they are interested in.

However, because each job can have vastly different requirements, it oftentimes beneficial to highlight different aspects of your experience based the specific job you are applying for.

Not only does this technique make your resume stand out, it also gives you an opportunity to cut out experiences that are irrelevant to the job you want to land. 

Writing a unique cover letter each time is equally important. Take the time to research the company that you are applying at and use your cover letter to describe why you think you’d be a great fit.

This helps you avoid using vague terminology in your cover letter while also showing the hiring manager that you put some time into your application and were careful in your considerations.

While you’re at it, try to find the hiring manager’s name so that you can properly address your letter rather than using a generalized greeting, if possible. 

If you feel there are job training courses you can take to improve your resume and better your chances of landing a specific job, that is also recommended. 

Go for Quality, Not Quantity 

The job search mistake that ends up costing you the most time is applying for every position you can find that vaguely fits your qualifications.

Not only does this waste your time, it also means you’re more likely to land a job that you aren’t necessarily that interested in.

Instead of submitting multiple resumes, spend your time finding jobs you think you would love rather than just tolerate. 

Speaking of quality, it’s equally important that you take your time with each application you submit. Even if you are focusing only on the best-suited positions, it’s crucial that you don’t jump the gun on an opportunity that you are thrilled about. 

Anxiously applying to a job immediately after it is posted can lead to any number of errors in your resume, cover letter or application forms.

For example, in your excitement you may misspell a name or accidentally upload an old version of your cover letter that has a different company’s name in it.

Avoiding these mistakes may be possible if you take your time and only apply once you’re certain everything is in order.  

Remember to Say Thank You 

One of the biggest mistakes people make during their job searching endeavor is not following up to say “thank you” after an interview.

If you applied for a job online or through email, you may already have the hiring manager’s email address. It may take a little time to find the correct email address if you applied through another method. 

No matter what, it’s still worth the effort, and here’s why: According to reports from CareerBuilder, more than 20 percent of hiring managers choose not to hire candidates who didn’t follow up with a simple thank-you email after an interview.